Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sole Perspective

We can't leave out shoes with all of the fun in fashion "reality", here comes a new show called "Sole Perspective."  I read about the show in a shoe trade magazine...I am surprised no one is talking about this show, so I, of course had to share my finding...
I am rooting for Rania, 23, because of her interesting look alone...I always veer toward curly first:)
Speaking of new fashion geared shows...I have been meaning to comment on the fact that Bravo is in the works of creating new shows since they will be losing "Project Runway" to Lifetime and one of the new shows is going to be called Fashionality!  I think that is sooo crazy!  I cannot believe it...The term fashionality is really starting to take is going to be the next fashionista! 

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