Sunday, November 02, 2008

How Could You Say, "NO?"

For some reason, I am addicted to pearls right now...I want a pearl ring for my right ring finger...I want it made for me...I have a picture of the dream design...I just don't know who made it.  This set of 3 is only $3.99!
I saw a bracelet like this that I pulled from a magazine for over $100 and now I find it at Forever!  This is so meant to be!  And I know the other was faux gold anyway:)
I LOVE elephants right now!
Tassels are so fab for me too!

I LOVE when I haven't been to Forever in forever and check out the site...I always end up gushing over so many items...Here are a few of the jewelry pieces I NEED right now that are all less than $6, so why not?  I will make a quick stop manana for all of these:)

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