Thursday, November 06, 2008

How Can You Say No?

Natasha Singer, a writer for the New York Times shared an article about being a "Recessionista."  Something, which I think has always been essential, but that is what I call, being a bargain shopper.  It may sound tacky, but I will hold off on buying something right away if I don't think that others will be flocking to purchase the same item and most of the time I am right...for instance, the Botkier for Target mini bags are now on sale for $4.99!  How can you say no to that!?  I now have my first ever Botkier bag and it didn't cost a thing!  Now, the Anya Hindmarch bags that I was holding off for seem to be gone, but they are still online and I am going to search the many Targets in the area to see if they are still out there so I can wait for a sale:)  
Another idea which I have used before...I was speaking to a customer about my dream of one day having a pair of Tod's shoes and she said that she had purchased many pairs about 2 years ago because she found her size at an outlet for only $25 each!!!!!!  So, I have now decided to call every outlet in the U.S. to see if there are any good deals...crazy, yes...but, most likely it works.  I found a Tucker by Gaby Basora dress for only $75 calling every Barney's during the end of season sale...I didn't have to pay $300 or more for the dress and it didn't take all that long to google a number and just call.  How far will go for a good deal?

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