Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fashion Week is ON!

Another New York fashion week is occurring and I am missing it again:( Boo-hoo...but, life goes on, I guess...
But, there are grand happenings that are making it much easier for people like moi to experience all of the fashion happenings on a variety of levels.
A.  First and foremost, one of my fave bloggers, The Most Knowledgeable Fashion Blogger I know, Sarah Conley from Style It Online sharing all of her experiences through her blog at New York Fashion Week.
B.  All iPhone holders---I am now one:)  Can access fashion week and fab fashion blogs during the week of every fab fashion week via your iPhone.  I was soo excited when I read about this in the NYT two weeks ago!  Makes me proud to be an iPhone holder:) They think of everything.  "Designer Collections Packed Into An iPhone."
C.  Just keeping up with fashion everywhere...seems like everyone is emailing me updates from their perspective of fashion week...here are a few to flip through:

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