Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am literally getting inspiration in my sleep watching the Sex and the City movie...I am serious:)  I wake up with new ideas of what to wear:)  LOL!  And I am crazy enough to buy another copy because I bought the copy which was missing the EXTRAS from the longer ending to remarks about the fashion in the movie...well, right now, I have gone through most of my jewelry precious and costume to start layering...this is an example of what I wore today....the pearls in my hand are really, really long:)  The pieces, an H&M necklace from years ago, the heart necklace is from India and the long necklace is also from H&M:) 


Anonymous said...

Loving the necklaces, you've inspired me:)
Michelle (old buddy from AMO) hope your well & I adore the movie, might watch it again tonight...did you know I moved to NY because of seeing SATC movie:)

calvierude said...

I absolutely love this movie. Every moment is fascinating and thought-provoking. Carrie, Miranda, Sam, and Charlotte are all wonderful to watch. I learn so much about myself and humans in general by watching this movie. Anyone who has not experienced "Sex and the City" MUST do so as soon as possible from here. Go ahead and Download Sex and the City Movie for free and enjoy it..