Monday, August 11, 2008

Classic Pieces with a Bit of Edge for Every Closet

These are pieces that should be added to everyone's closet, at least one of the pieces or all.
A Yoana Baraschi Leopard print top or dress...this is a stand out piece that seems to be timeless, but definitely with a lot of edge.
Cut-outs in tops and dresses can be really alluring...the front is basic and regular and then when you walk away there is so much style.  I hate when people wear bra's with these pieces it is so tacky...make sure that you wear a strapless or one of the bras that are only in the front for support.
Pearls are always a classic for women.  Double strands in black are a standout to wearing a basic water pearl in one strand.
Flats in silver are like wearing a basic grey basic.  The point on the shoe creates more of a dressy look which can be worn with anything.  

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laurenk said...

I have the black halo cut out dress. Except mine has a white top and the waist is royal blue. What is great about this dress is you can wear a normal bra!! The strip of fabric on the back just above the cut out covers a normal bra completely!!

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