Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Little Different From What is Supposed to Happen

Ok, so, my hubby is planning on making dinner (Indian food, of course) so I am rushing to the Indian store that we usually don't go to because our favorite go to Indian store in Tucson, AZ is closed for some reason and I fall in love with rakhi's.  (The festival will be celebrated on August 16th)  I thought they were supposed to just be a basic thread, but here they were selling threads with these fabulous designs for less than $3 each!  I gladly bought 5 of them explaining to the store owner that I understood that these were supposed to be given to the brother from a sister...but, I would just have to wear them anyway because they were so cute:) husband just laughed and his sister inquired on who I would be giving them to:)  

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