Friday, August 01, 2008

Hair Styling

As soon as I saw the second episode of Project Runway and started researching all of the images from Project Runway and what Kenley was wearing on her head...I remembered a site called, Love, Lulu Mae...a place where you can find all of the vintage inspired head designs that are the chic originators of this trend.  I can't remember all of the places that I have seen this trend recently...mostly in magazines, but I do recall SJP being styled by Patricia Fields in the Sex and the City movie with a piece on her wedding day, and then SJP wore the head dress that everyone was talking about at the premiere...well, for anyone who is as excited as me about the head accessories, the designer of Love, Lulu Mae is designing a piece exclusively for Fashionalities, send an email to telling us where you will wear this fabulous accessory if you win.
Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Love this site. Truly unique and original. If you use code "LOVE", you receive 15% off your order!

Sarah K. said...

Bought "EARTH" headband. Arrived in an adorable black and white vintage looking hat box with caring instructions and information about the artist. (she also mentions that the hat box is made from recycled materials.) I like the fact that she uses natural dyes and protects the birds while collecting the natural feathers. That to me makes her wearable art worth the extra bucks. Wearable art that is unique and stylish!

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff. I just love the colours!

jamie m. said...

She is the next big thing. I bought a feather fascinator and you can tell the difference between the cheaply made ones.. and lulu mae's work. nicely done. get them while they're hot.

mary said...

great colors - way to go!

Anna Smith said...

These things are the next big thing. i bought one from her, and one from an etsy shop. hands down lulu mae's designs won my heart! i view it more of art rather than a cheap clare's headband that a lot of folks are making.

a great buy. a great store.
Love you Fashionalities!