Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fashionalities 'View

I met Ann Skalski at Saks, my first job, and she was the most inspirational person both through her style and direction in my fashion career...She always wore a signature style of a trendy, but avant guard look of leggings before everyone else wore them and long billowy tops with an edge. I was always taking notes on where to shop, what to read (magazines,websites, and books) and she always gave me homework...which I always found interesting...I decided that I had to share this fashion gem with everyone else:)

What is your job title?
Creative Director (I hope she doesn't mind me saying, but with Jessica Simpson)

What do you do at your job?
All things visual...I do! Photo shoots, model casting, photographer selection, fashion styling, prop styling, producing, photo editing, layout and ad campaign development, website development, copy writing, name generation, brand generation, videos, packaging, product development, trend forecasting, product design...the list goes on! (She has the eye of a fashion eagle...she can see things that no one else can!)

How does someone get to be where you are today?
Hard work and brains! My mind never stops! I really love fashion! And have an opinion about all of it! (I think it is essential for anyone who is interested in getting into the fashion industry to do the research. Know the History of Fashion, Know the Business of Fashion, and Know New, Old, and Unknown Designers and how to spell their names...what they are known for etc.)

What are your TOP 5 Rules for making it in the fashion industry?
1. Passion
2. Drive
3. Commitment
4. Loyalty
5. and be NICE!!!! smile....

What do you use as your inspiration for the shoots you direct?
My love for Expression and all that is beautiful...but also what is right for the brand and/or subject!

What is your fashion motto?
No fear - mix it up one day and then the next change....

What do you think the color to wear for spring 2007 is?
White and black...the absence of is always interesting...opposites...

Who is your fave designer?
Balenciaga and Jane Mayle

Where do you shop? is part of my job. Wherever I travel...

How do you find a GREAT deal for clothes?
Depends on what great deal means...but usually i see things people don' I often find great deals no matter where I go..but the obvious is Ebay, flea market or vintage store.

What are your favorite website? and I am constantly searching for new too!

What shoes do you have to have right now?
Martin Margiela, Givenchy, Jane Mayle, Dries van Noten, clog boots from No.6

What books are you reading right now?
The Audacity of Hope, Everyday Greatness..I am behind on my reading!

When we had worked together, you had given me homework to do, if you were to give an assignment to all of the Fashionalities out there, what you would tell them to do?
Research the archives! look at designers and artists that have made a cultural impression on the world...see what speaks to you...and use that as your guide for what is possible and what makes sense for the project you are working on. Knowledge REALLY is power! I believe people love to learn...


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