Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Real Stuff

So, I know that sometimes the real things seems unattainable, but here are a couple of items that are accessible…I promise…these are the ones I have bought without any help...I bought all of my items at Saks Fifth Avenue when I worked there which made them $100 or less...but, you can still get them at less than $200 or get a job at Saks and get from 30% to a double discount of about 45%! It is really worth it:)

Men’s Wallet, use like a clutch
ID Wallet


Dooney & Bourke:
You can find real Dooney & Bourke’s at almost any Thrift Store…those are the ones I L-O-V-E…I just got one for $19.99 at Goodwill…Just look for the following things to ensure this is the real thing. Strong leather detailing, I have grommets at the bottom of the bag...I am not sure what that is called:) And then the special tag on the inside that guarantees that this is real...

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