Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Ups and Downs of Fashion

It Starts tomorrow! Everyone either watch, Tivo or DVR The Fashionista Diaries about 6 newbies in the fashion industry that will give you an understanding of what the industry is all about from every facet of the fashion world! I can't wait to see everyone's clothes! That will be the best part! This will be the best fashion reality show ever! Watch out Real World, this is it! Fashion, Drama, and Learning about dream jobs:)

Side Note about the Show...it will begin with an assistant from JANE Magazine, but, with the magazine folding during the taping of the show (true drama), the assistant will get a new job at ComoGIRL! and, the show must go on...just a little drama to know before the show starts:)

Other sad magazines closing down:
Another Trend Setting Magazine for young women of color has folded. It has been like a domino effect since the closing of Honey Magazine's doors. We got SUEDE magazine, one of the best magazines I have ever read, that just spoke to me on a personal level drop out of no where, then get a female version of VIBE with a twist of funk and take it away so soon...I hope for something new in the near future that can step away from the mainstream magazines that we have on every magazine shelf last for more than a year...there is however, a magazine called Lavish Magazine that is an online publication that I hope considers printing in the near future.

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