Monday, February 05, 2007

This is What's Up!

Everyone is finally giving into the high waist pants...hello, I have been talking about this forever…alas everyone can’t be on top of trend development before they see them on the runways…the only thing is that the Fug Girls are saying that we can use our mothers jeans…although these are high waists…these are the ones that create a pucker in the tummy, i.e. the 5pocket cowboy jean…these are elegant lines that show of the womanly curve we all have…I think that this style is very sexy and alluring, not matronly…the best bodies for this shape are pear (finally something that accentuates my body right) and the trim and slim/long and lean. Enjoy this look that we thought would never return with a flattering twist.

*I also found out about another high waist style called the paper bag style that was big in the 70's...I just found a pair of pants at EXPRESS that were soo cute...

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