Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jeans for ME

She is not only a stylist...owns two Boutiques in L.A., but now she is the spokes model and inspiration for Christopher B.'s new line of's all about fitting the curvy body...I have to check these out! The line should be coming sometime this month.
*Select the title of this blog to be directed to the link where these jeans can be purchased:)


Fame said...

Where do you go to check the jeans out? Does he have a link?

Your buddy Fame

Anonymous said...

Sometimes fashion hurts. Especially when seeing something you have to have but can’t have. I got a mail with updates from Accessory Bug and when looking at it I first saw a purse I HAD to have. Then I scrolled down and saw another bag I HAD to have. When I clicked at the link it ended with that both had been sold. What kills me the most is that the mail came before I went to bed last night, but my browser crashed earlier on the night and I didn’t bother to check my mail after that. Normally I can’t go to sleep without checking my mail.

The point of this story is that it pays to keep an eye on Accessory Bug. I have ended up with a Spy Bag, an evening bag and some other great stuff. It just wasn’t my turn this time. I even have another beautiful bag on the way from that store, but more on that later.

Anonymous said...

Who is the model?