Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Even if You Don't "Believe/Celebrate" V-Day

Check out all of the great sales people are having for Heart Gifts:) It's another sale day I am going to have to add to my sale calendar:)

Electric LadyLand is having a sale and has cute V-Day items selected for customers to choose from to stay in the mood:)

Calypso is having an event in their NYC's all about sharing the L-O-V-E. Go to a jewelry trunk show, tarot cards, and sip some mimosa's.

Forever 21 has the perfect look for the perfect date:

Couture Candy spells Valentines Day out for you and then gives you options for what to wear to make it easier for you:)

So, if you have a date for V-Day or still have a reason and a right to go shopping:)lol! Enjoy!


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seancarter said...

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