Monday, February 19, 2007

The Story Behind the Dress

I had found out about Tucker by Gaby Basora while browsing at Barney's Co-Op last year and just fell in love...At the time I was saving for my wedding and couldn't afford the price tag...well, I had watched the site since I moved from New York and sadly found that the coveted dress was taken off the site and I didn't know what to one Saturday I proceeded to call every Co-Op listed I was about to give up, the Chicago store had the dress and it was only $60!!!!!!!!!!! What a score...all of the other dresses had been sent to the Warehouse sale that I wasn't able to, the moral of this story is...if you search you will find:) Now that is what I call retail therapy:)

P.S. Gaby was written about in the February issue of VOGUE on page 268.

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