Monday, February 19, 2007

New Fashion Show

VH1 is bringing a new fashion show for us to follow called "The Agency." It's all about Wilhemina ( Model Agency searching for the perfect model. The show starts on February 20th and you can see what it is all about...if you can't wait till the premier on VH1 the title of this blog to connect to the link.

So, get the inside link into what is really going on in the fashion world...If you didn't get into 8th & Ocean...and you can't get into America's Next Top Model...or even The Janice Dickson show...check this out for "Taking a rare look at client meetings, casting calls, and backstage at fashion shows, "The Agency" casts an unblinking eye on the super-high-stress jobs of the people who are completely hooked on the business of brokering beauty."

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