Wednesday, August 09, 2006

STYLE: In or Out?

Are Glitz and Bling out?
This month, BAZAAR magazine and the New York Times Style Section (Is Shine Losing Its Luster?) question the Glitz staple. But, I am not sure if it is really "out." Just like when people say that the logo trend is out...I still see people walking around with their LV and Gucci bags religiously...who is to say that what someone writes is the end all and be all?
Well, these days I think it is just is what takes a trend go from "In to Out."
The Glitzy look can still be seen on the streets today as well as in the fashion books...While flipping through LUCKY magazine I found at least 10 gold and silver sequenced pieces in editorials...and even in BAZAAR, where the article, "So Long to Sparkle" was, there were also ads with bling and sheen by Missoni and a variety of jewelers, a spread with Gucci celebrating their 85th anniversary, and blinging with gold and sparkles.
Played up or down, I doubt sparkles could ever lose its luster...what are your thoughts?

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