Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dear Fashionalities

Just Fall For Color
Q. What are the 3 major colors you think will be in for fall?
A.The three major colors for the fall are really open to your personality. The colors I am looking forward to wearing are:
Mustard Gold/I love this color with a deep purple, dark brown, or black...it is such a beautiful color.

item can be found at www.kirrilyjohnston.com


Deep Wine Color with black, brown, navy blue...or the mustard gold color.

item can be found at www.shopbop.com by James Perse


Navy Blue is my most favorite right now. Black is back again for the Fall, but I feel like Navy Blue adds a great punch to an ensemble...why not event wear black with navy blue for something a little different.

this piece can be purchased at www.shopbop.com by Marc by Marc Jacobs

These are all great colors to add to your fall wardrobe and wear together or with your classic brown, blacks, and greys for the Fall.

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