Friday, August 11, 2006


No matter where you go from Texas to Paris, a girl needs to know the tricks to traveling chic. Here are a few tips to make travel a breeze, even with the stress of checking in...
1. I always recommend only taking a carry-on if you can, then you don't have to waist time getting your bag and you know it won't be lost.
2. If you do end up checking a bag, it is always best to attach a unique luggage tag so that your bag is identifiable.
3. Drink water! That is all you need on a flight to get off feeling refreshed.
4. Pack tea bags in your makeup bag to use on your eyes after your red eye flight to help de-puff the eyes.
5. Pack a keep warm and cozy during the flight...whether it is winter or summer you will need this wrap for the flight.
6. Carry paper slippers...some airports (like the Phoenix airport) provide these for flyers...but, others don't. To avoid having to walk barefoot on the dirty airport floor during security have these ready to keep your footsies clean.
7. Don't wear makeup on the flight...and bring a bag of things to freshen up after the flight like:
a travel tooth paste and tooth brush, face wipes, a sample fragrance, bronzer, blush and mascara...and you are ready for whatever you plan to do after your flight.
8. Carry snacks on the flight regardless of how short or long the flight is...airport food is limited and expensive...why not bring something you are sure to enjoy.

Enjoy your flight!

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