Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Old Classics become NEW again

"The weight of the body falls on the arch of the foot like a plumb line." Ferragamo wrote
Old Classics become NEW again
Companies like Jordache, Bally, Ferragamo and Roger Vivier are back again with full force on the fashion world...I feel like vintage is always the best...but, the new pieces that these companies are designing are just as beautiful and one day will also be considered vintage, so start your collecting!
Bally's modern chic handbag, Style: Miss.
Modern version of the vintage Ferragamo's above.
* didn't have any of the Jordache jeans online that I could display, but I can vouch that the denim line at Wal-Mart is comfortable and cute~I own a pair!
For some more information about Jordache being sold at Walmart check out this article at San Francisco Chronicle online:
You can find all of these designers pieces at the following sites:
Jordache is also sold at Wal-Mart!


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Revamped Resale Boutique said...

HELLO....Walmart is STEPPING UP their fashion department....their GEORGE line is being designed by well-known TRENDY designer....MARK EISEN this fall. Their METRO 7 line is NO JOKE either.