Monday, August 07, 2006

Fashion View

I would like to highlight Fashion Articles from local newspapers around the U.S. from time to time highlighting insightful local trends that are going on...Fashion is everywhere...and for people who are too busy to search, I would like to share what I find with you all, so enjoy!

Boston Globe
From a classy locale like Boston, you could only expect a great image story like "Inspired by Jackie O". WWJW? (what would Jackie wear??) Get a great array of images to inspire you to look as chic and put together as Jackie O.

LA Times
Get to know designer, David Meister a little better through the LA Times Style section.,1,4246467.story?coll=la-headlines-lifestyle

Miami Herald
Find out what Tweens think is the next thing in fashion in Miami.

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Anonymous said...

Great site-FYI. "what would Jackie wear" is being trademarked as I write...