Saturday, November 15, 2014

Painting on an Hermes like Kimi or check out what this lady did to a LV in India #graffitihandbag

I could NEVER ruin...or lets say get artistic with such an expensive bag!!:)  I like what Tracee Ellis Ross did with a fake LV she had once that she shared in ESSENCE magazine in 2011.  Kimi seems to be ok with getting artistic with her $20K bags...but, I am just not there:)

Now. trying to find the right the right price to do this fab Indian design...maybe my vintage Saks bag that looks a little Hermes-ish...but, I also need to do a tote like the LV style:)  Here are some I am considering...stay tuned for my finished product:)

H&M Structured bag, $50
This ZARA doctor bag is EVERYTHING!  $60
More expensive than I would prefer...but, so pretty!  ZARA $139
I need a job just so I can get this brilliant bag from ZARA for $100;)
Something like this could be perfect...from ZARA $60
Something from Forever 21 maybe...$25
This would work on a higher price...Michael Kors....$381
$40 from Target'

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