Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Travel wear: The Sweatshirt dress as inspired by Rihanna...why not?

Ok, I will be traveling A LOT while living in India.  With 3 kids in tow and sometimes traveling alone I am always trying to decide what to wear to be comfy, run after kids and still look pulled together.  I kind of love what Rhianna did with the sweatshirt dress and decided to see what other options I could find...thoughts?

Of course this is sold out at ASOS...but, still had to share...

Have one made with a pattern:)

A little more...but, it's cute for $190...Atm Anthony Thomas Melillo Long Sweatshirt Dress - Charcoal Heather

For some reason one of the first names that comes to mind when I think of sweater dress is, Norma Kamali...I so wish she still had her line at Walmart...it was brilliant!

I'm thinking an older ladies catalog could have good options too:)  Something to consider.  

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