Saturday, August 03, 2013

Exclusive Birchbox Sneak Peek: August 2013 #birchbloggers

Such a fun video!  A lot to look forward to in August for Birchbox!  I LOVE that they have so many natural products!  I'm excited abou trying Whish!  Sounds amazing!  Getting some Miss Jessie's samples!  I LOVE all of their products!  They smell amazing and are great for curly hair!  #curlytalk

New product offered on Birchbox I can't wait to try: Jasmine Seven for cleaning your feet when you get home!  GENIUS!

What looks cool to you?  Are you signed up for Birchbox?  It's soo worth it!  I missed one month and it was soooo boring not getting my little treat in the mail.  Sign up here for ONLY $10 a month:)

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