Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tummy Time

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As a mom of three young kids, tummy time has turned into a time where my babies play on the floor (on their tummy:) to gain strength and skills to start crawling and then walking.

In fashion, I would have said pre-baby, tummy time was all of the decades that trends have been influenced by baring the tummy.  Well, kind of:)

I'd say as far back as women in Indian baring their midriff while wearing a sari and still feeling covered.

Then, the 50's where just a little skin was showing and it still looked respectful.

I'd say the most "revealing" time when middrift's were out was in the 90's.  I feel like that was more rebellious because pants were low and tops were high.  It wasn't my favorite way to style baring the tummy.

Middrift trend

Now, the style is back and we are doing it right.  Taking styling cues from the 50's and I'd say marrying them with aspects from India and how they bare their midsection.

I think that this style is totally appropriate for a mother that it flatters their body and isn't showing "too much" skin.  Thoughts?

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