Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mommy Must-haves

Metallic Pons

These shoes are comfy, and cute but keep it interesting.  I hated giving up my heels.  But, finding shoes like these that are amazing quality and can be dressed up or down make the transition seamless.  $77

MZ Wallace Metro Tote

It's all about getting a bag that works as a diaper bag instead of getting something that isn't that exciting.  This one is $195 and comes with 3 mini bags for organizing.  


These foot covers are genius for moms on the go with their kids.  Never  feel like you have to wear ugly socks to play dates or open gyms where you have to take off shoes and run around with your kids.  These are small and convenient to carry everywhere.  Every time I wear these other moms always notice how cute these are and ask who they are by.  They also look really cute peeking out of my ballet flats:)  

Cleobella Wallet

Mommy wallets need to be able to carry everything from all your credit cards to coupons and stick it into your diaper bag which carries everything your kids need.  So, you need a wallet that can stand out in the many things you are already carrying.  And it needs to be able to carry everything you need on the go.  This Cleobella style does just that and looks really cute:)

Ace & Jig item

Have easy go to items that make it so you can wear more than just jeans and a tee.  Ace & Jig makes amazing pieces that you can do just that.

Barely There bras

Who wants to wear breastfeeding bras?  And, even if you aren't breastfeeding...your poor breasts have been through it all and should be supported and comfy while you allow them to dry out.  Enters the best bra line for this ever.  At a price point you can play with.

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