Friday, May 17, 2013

Shoes make mommy style more fun

As a mom who used to wear 4" heels everyday I realize that I need to be in more comfortable shoes that can take on my 3 kids:)  With that in mind I'm not wearing sneakers or a basic pair of flip flops.  Everything I wear still has to have style and that is why I'm excited to share Shoe Dazzle.  A site that offers style and great price options and you can shop from the comfort of your home.  Plus, my fave style icon/stylist, Rachel Zoe has teamed up with Shoe Dazzle to highlight styles she gets behind.  Enough said.
Here are a few styles I think can punch up any look from a maxi dress to a basic jeans and tee ensemble.  As a mom with twins under one it's a given that I can't wear statement jewelry unless I am open to pieces being broken.  (Which has already happened a couple of times.)  To avoid this happening forget the jewelry and let the shoes make the statement.  If you are rushing and don't have time to create fun looks yet just stay with the classics that are always easy to put together.

Some other great accessories to add to your look for an easy update: straw fedora hat or a light weight scarf.

For those that are a little more daring.  I was inspired by Khloe Kardashian, who I feel has the best mommy style!  She wore a pair of print pants with a baseball style tee.  Still comfy, but with a ton of trendy edge.  I'd keep the pant in a cropped or legging style so you can still run after the kiddos:)  The wide, pajama style are still comfy.  But, you might trip going after the kids:)

mommy style with shoe dazzle

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