Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lucky mag & Michaels DIY jewelry challenge

I'm excited to share my DIY Challenge that was given to Lucky magazine Alpha Shoppers. We were given $50 gift cards to use at Michaels to come up with a "Statement Piece" for the season. I chose to do a few pieces...well, attempt a few...and fall in love with one:) And with the $50 and great coupons I used I was able to get more that I'm still planning on creating. Stay tuned:)

The entire process started with the inspiration. I already had a ton of projects that I was waiting to attempt so I was excited when I received the email from the Lucky editors we work with as Alpha Shoppers.

Here's what inspired me:

Closer look.

Now, nothing is an exact replica of course. And, I actually received a tip on Tuesday for how to string my beads better...but, these are my first attempts:)
Be a smart shopper:
I'm all about couponing now...(I'm addicted to that show about couponing...) I think I was able to use a double coupon when I made the purchase which was really exciting...I'm sharing a 25% off beads coupon! When I shopped, there was already a 33% off all keep watch! That way you can double up on what you get! Enjoy!
Coupon here. Available to use 7/3-7/16.

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