Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm on the search for a vest like the employee REI vest

Every time I shop at REI I want to buy the vests that the employees are wearing! Sadly, they aren't for sale...maybe I need to get a job there:). An employee I had asked said I should try a fishing vest so, here are some I thought were similar:). I was trying to not share the bulky pocket fishing vests...

Can't really see, but this is the vest...he looks kind of creepy though:)

This looks kind of like it....Columbia Silver Ridge Vest - Men's, $65

Tom & Drew fishing vest

Here's another shot of the real vest.

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Lost in America said...

You're not alone - I've wanted it for years! It is so practical. But here's an alternative, albeit an expensive one at $100:

I like it mainly for the pockets, naturally, though it looks quite a bit different from the REI vest.

Too broke to buy one yet, but thinking of splurging on my birthday in October.