Thursday, June 30, 2011

The final product-my DIY creations

Ok,'s what I made:). I'm kind of excited!! These are my first pieces I've ever made...I think I want to take classes...I'll have to look into it at Michaels.
A lot of my inspiration comes from other bloggers and jewelry designer that's HOT right now, Lizzie Fortunato.

The winner...this is my favorite piece out of the items I made so far. I named the style Sahara after my daughter.

For this piece I used coral beads with beads from a broken necklace from India. I named this style Jaipur after the pink city.

I really like these beads and plan on going back to make more necklaces to layer with this one. I named the style Morocco.

I was really excited about the deal I got on these ribbons! $1 for the entire spool! Nice, right? This was a mix of using the inspiration found in the mag and the DIY version PS I Made This did by only using a black ribbon. I tried doing just the knot at the end but I'm not happy with just that so I'm on the search for a silver ball/bead to put at the end of each.

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