Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Ethnic" Bags I am LOVING right now for everything!

From handbags to business card holders, I've fallen and I can't get up.  I literally want EVERYONE of the pieces below and I'm not joking!  Many of these pieces are great to wear with your basics, but I would take inspiration from the Bobbie Thomas video I just posted on my blog about mixing prints to play with how to use these items to update your wardrobe in a "new" way.

AE: Last year I missed out on a tote that caught my eye for only $20 and this year they have an even cuter version with tassels and an extra $25 in price:)  That's what I get for waiting...

Laga handbags: I fell in LOVE with this line last year when I heard about them on Oprah, and this year I received an email from the company sharing their need for more customers to purchase their beautiful bags to help the people in Aceh.  Right now, you can use a coupon here to receive 20% off any purchase and free shipping on everything.  It's a great deal and you are giving back to people.

Old Navy: I'm in LOVE with this bag and it's on sale right now!  Plus, as a military dependent, I can get 10% off this bag on Monday's (take note military folk:) and I purchased a $10 Groupon for a $20 credit so it's such a great deal!  I plan on updating the bag by adding mini rhinestones to the coral portion.  Will share DIY once it's done:)

DELLA: I was soo excited when I was approached by a PR company about these clutches.  They are so chic and another great way to give back to the people that make them in Ghana.  Plus, they are Vegan bags and the materials are from Ghana where they are made.  As you can tell, I really LOVE what the brand is doing because I also included a laptop case and a business card holder below.  Check out the site, everything is AHMAZING!

Fossil: Then, there are the Fossil pieces that I fell in love with on my recent visit to the mall...As many know I LOVE elephants so that is what caught my eye at first...then, I checked out the other pieces and wanted everything!  The items are sold in a lot of places from Fossil stores to Nordstroms or Fred Flare...so check them out for prices.

Ehtnic Print Accessories to carry with you

Old Navy slouch handbag
$17 - oldnavy.gap.com

Fossil bag
$26 - fredflare.com

FOSSIL clutch wallet
$40 - nordstrom.com

Fossil 'Key-Per' iPad Sleeve
$35 - nordstrom.com

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