Friday, March 04, 2011

It's that time again: spring brand magazines

I am always excited when the seasons change and it's time to get my brand magazines...some cost, and some don't...but, they are all worth it.  Get your fill of the inspirations behind your favorite brands.  Plus, style tips, designer interviews and more.  I just LOVE it!

Here are a few of the brand magazines on my radar:


I have been getting this magazine since the first issue and have kept everyone!  This year, sadly I did not get it...but, I am happy to say that now it is for sale and you don't have to buy anything to receive it.  The issue is ONLY $10 and worth it!  Make sure to purchase this ASAP!

The hard copy of the style guide has already sold out, it must be pretty AMAZING!  It isn't available yet...but, check back and use the link above to access the style guide on their facebook page.


Looks like I need to hurry in and snag  my Spring 2011 issue!  These are always free and are available in store or online.  I LOVE these!  They are so inspirational!

There are just tons of editorials you won't want to inspired by the styling and the great interviews!  It's free to view online and looks like it costs to buy a hard copy...I also noticed that they haven't posted a new issue since November 2010...wonder what's up with that...will look into it and let everyone know...

Which have I missed?  Do you have any favorites I should check out?

Update: Just noticed that Gap now has an online magazine called, Gap Mag that I had to share...have you checked it out yet?

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