Friday, March 04, 2011

Interview with new scarf designer, Jamie Futterman of Just Jamie Scarves

I was so excited to learn about new ways to style my scarves from Jamie Futterman when she was interviewed on Better TV.  I checked out her site and let her know how much I LOVED all of her ideas and her great scarves!  Here are a few questions I emailed over to her and some new spring scarves to look forward to!  How do you style your scarves?

Where did the inspiration come for your line, Just Jamie Scarves?
Fashion at an affordable price was and is my motto when putting my lines together! I stay on top of all the current trends and deliver them to my customers at a price they can afford! (She really does!  The prices are AMAZING!)

How did you come up with your company/brand name?
My brand name was easy since it’s based off my real name and my company featured the products I love most…SCARVES! 

Where can people find your scarves? (Where are they sold)
I’m a traveler and do trunk shows everywhere I go! My scarves have been known to travel along with me. As of now, they are mostly in stores in NY, NJ and CT but I have opened accounts in Florida, Maryland, Washington D.C. and I am beginning to expand quickly! (Plus, of course, they are online here.)

What can customers expect for spring?
Spring is right around the corner and my website will be overflowing with color compared to the blacks, browns, olives and grays that are currently taking it over! Get ready for the pastel color pallet because Just Jamie will be bringing in many shades of pink, yellow, green, blue and lavender scarves to her website along with bathing suit cover-ups, pareos, fedoras and the big straw sunhats!

I think the zig zag scarves would be amazing used for a turban...what other creative ways can people use scarves for?
Believe it or not, I tie a scarf around my luggage handle so I can pick mine out of the crowd! 

What were you doing before starting Just Jamie Scarves?
Before starting Just Jamie Scarves I worked at a full service production company. I always thought I would end up in Advertising and work for an agency but after sticking it out for a year and getting a real taste, I realized it wasn’t for me! I belong in the fashion world where my true passion lies!

What tips would you give someone wanting to get to where you are today?
It’s definitely not easy to start your own company but if you want it bad enough it will come. I’ve worked hard to get where I am today and couldn’t have done it without the support of my family! 

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