Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fantasia Barrino on American Idol: Nails, ring, thoughts

So, it looks like I'm not the only one who thought/noticed Fantasia gained a little weight...but, it looks like it didn't affect her singing or her signature style...not to say it's something I would copy...but, it's definitely eye catching.

My notes:
The dress reminded me of something I saw on a blog recently.  I give her props for owning the look with the slit and all even though she's gained a little weight.  That deserves props!
But, what really caught my attention during the performance (besides the lyrics of Collared Greens & Cornbread) were her nails and ring which you will be able to view on the video below.  Thoughts?  Is this a new trend?  I keep seeing all of these very out there nail designs.  Who is rocking this trend?


fantastic said...

I don't love the square shape of her nails, but from what I could see, they looked as though they had been minxed (or something similar). I like them!

Dominique Jackson said...

Extreme nail designs seem to be pretty big.