Saturday, February 19, 2011

You are going to want this! Angela Caputi Tortoise Chain Link Bracelet

I spotted this bracelet today and the swap party that I went to and I had to have it!  I, of course also had to share it with everyone.  The fashion friend that shared the info said she had seen it on The, if you want to check it out.  She found two different options.  The prices aren't that BIG...but, there are a few dollars to save if you can wait.  Sadly, the budget friendly is out of stock right now...but, if you can't's worth it!

How are you going to rock this?  I'm loving how the fashionista on The Sartorialist layered it with other not so expected bracelets. 


Desert Flower said...

Glad you found the websites! I wasn't sure my memory was good. Better than my eyesight, apparently :)

I love mine, I wear them a lot.

Kristin said...

What I want are those fabulous shoes!