Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introducing an untapped designer that I have fallen madly in love with: HEIDI MERRICK

I get so many emails these days that sometimes it feels like they have lost the excitement because it feels like I am just getting what everyone has already read and/or shared...but, this is something NEW! I fell instantly in love with Heidi Merrick's line! I think this would be a perfect designer for my fave show, "Gossip Girl." By the way, did you hear that the costume designer has a new book out?? More on that soon! I can also see Olivia P. rocking this designer too...The publicist said the following celebs have worn these fab designs: Kelly Rutherford, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Bar Rafaeli, Tori Spelling. Plus, check out the SALE section, the prices are AMAZING and the silhouettes are similar to the regular price items...YAY! Perfect for holiday dressing that no one else will be wearing! Interview with the designer to come!


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