Wednesday, November 18, 2009

H&M Grand Opening in Scottsdale, AZ BUZZZZ

I was so excited to attend the grand opening of the first H&M in Arizona but I was surprised when it wasn't the location I was expecting next to the new to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall...none the less, the store was AMAZING! Children's merch upstairs and mens in a little corner, the rest, was ALL WOMEN! There were just a few let downs, the accessory area that I usually covet was very slim-t0-none and there will be no "pink-label," trend label items at this location. But, I can't pout, we finally have an H&M! We probably won't be getting everything that we see in magazines, but the store is going online in 2010, so we can hold off. And, I still believe that there is another location opening in Scottsdale Fashion Mall because of the sign up, dugh:) And there is rumor that one is coming to I am def crossing my fingers!
*Image from Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall
Here are some trending attendees at the event.
You have to meet him while you shop at H&M! I am terrible and forget his name...but, he was fabulous and remembered mine the whole time I was there and I of course got the snood he was wearing for ONLY $14.95!