Friday, November 13, 2009

The Look for Less: Rihanna's Tuxedo Jacket

This is the one I saw and fell in love with...but, I guess there is another jacket that is called the "tuxedo jacket"....I just don't want the lace so I will stick with this version:)

After seeing Rihanna in the tuxedo jacket trend a couple of times, it made it on my list and I started searching thrift stores and Buffalo Exchange...but, hadn't seemed to find anything...and I couldn't see myself paying hundreds of dollars for this trend I wasn't sure I was going to keep in my life. Not evening thinking to look at White House, Black Market, I was just window shopping with the hubby at APPLE (he wants an Apple TV:) and I spotted it in white and about screamed! The jacket I needed right now was at White House/Black Market...go my dismay, they didn't have the jacket in black yet, but the associate assured me that they usually get another color in everything they receive. WOOHOO:)


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