Friday, July 31, 2009

Part II: Curly Chronicles: The Book Review: Hair Rules! by A. Dickey

Friends, I have read a lot of curly hair books trying to find the "answer" to all of my curly problems...I recently flipped through and Ebony at the local library and was excited to read about a book that I had never heard of, but has been around for 6 years--how did I miss this??? I don't know:) But, the book is an easy read and not only gives tips on hair, but also breaks down the science of curly hair so you can really understand why your hair does what it does each day:)
Here are a few pieces from the book that I am taking note of and wanted to share with everyone:
Dickey went into the first rule I found out about after going natural...Shampoo is NOT your best friend...My hubby still doesn't get this rule..but, oh well:) Dickey went into more details on why and which ones to avoid and which are better for your hair.
Look for shampoos that contain the least amount of man-made chemicals and instead list naturally derived ingredients. A few ingredients you should learn to recognize are the following:
-Sodium laureth sulfate
-Propylene Glycol
-Cocamidopropyl betaine
The other ingredient portion that Dickey got into that caught my attention was oils to use in your hair on page 46. Dickey also shared that the thing I hate the most, hair GREASE is not good for your hair! Which, I always just always made my hair flat, which I do not like!:) So, here are the oils that Dickey recommended in the book. The author went into detail on each oil and how it benefits your hair and scalp.:
-Tea Tree oil
-Almond Oil
-Jojoba Oil
Go and get this book today, I promise you are going to get so many great pointers from it that you will be like why didn't I know about this before!?
Next week, I am going to share products that I have had a chance to sample and, there will be a giveaway! Make sure you check back!


JP said...

Curly haired girls (like me too!) tend to end up going with so much more trial and error, which sucks. All in all, just skipping a couple washes saves my hair the most.

Thanks for the review!


Anonymous said...


Check out I love her website!

Anonymous said...

almond oil is also AMAZING to put on your skin after a shower and before you dry off!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

Hey Natasha! (I met you at the Vintage Stems party...I coveted your "well stacked" hair!) I've followed CurlyGirl protocol for years now. NO shampoo, just conditioner and no dimethecones. My hair is better than it has EVER been. I used to think my hair was isn't.

Anonymous said...