Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Forever 21 Dresses All Under $30

The deciding factor will be what passes the length test for me at the store.  I usually don't like wearing dresses or shorts above the knee....we shall see...
This reminds me of a ballerina silhouette, but, I am not sure if the bubble will look bad on my lower half...
I am in LOVE with this dress with gladiator style shoes!
This was what I am looking for...but, longer...strapless dress to wear to work with a blazer...I really want the one I saw at W Boutique in Tucson by Trina Turk...around $300:(
Ballerina all the way!
I love this...very edgy!
Preppy meets sexy!
Linen is essential in HOT places like Tucson!  I love this class style dress!
Edgy workwear:)


morgan said...

I love the second dress. You are right it would look great with some gladiators.

The forever21 where I live never has the good stuff off the site long. Everybody shops there.

I like your blog. Want to trade links?

the f word said...

the 4th dress is nice
gets a thumbs up from men

the f word said...


CHICKDOWNTOWN.COM Danielle said...

I love Forever 21- everything is so cute and cheap! The only problem is, I have realized that recently their dresses have become very short! I am 5'9'' and have very long legs so anything too far above the knee looks borderline skanky! I wish they would make some of these adorable dresses a little longer :(

Natasha Rao said...

I wish they weren't that short either...always a let down...cute styles just too short...not my style...I usually don't like going above the knee....I think I will go tomorrow..the hubby is going golfing...Go sell at Buffalo and if I can hold back trading for new stuff there:)

Anonymous said...