Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion iPhone Apps Everywhere

Recently, I have been excited to download apps on my iPhone with all of the new fashion focused apps...when I first got the iPhone, I only had a couple of pages, just keeps coming!
This week was the addition of Net-a-Porter and then today, on Fashion Week Daily, I read that there is a new app letting us into (only catch, it costs...99 cents) Miami Fashion much better can it get???  The oldie, but goodie, has all of the fashion shows you can dream of and then we can't leave out Shop Style for your search to find anything!  I can just keep going on...
Here are a few of my other faves:
Carrie's Closet (it's like having the virtual closet Cher on Clueless had:)
Shop Lucky (haven't really used this...but, I know it will be fun:)
Lady Mardo's Fashion Trivia (haven't played this yet either...but, I can imagine it will be fun once I do:)
I haven't really found anything fun on the Chanel app...but, it's fun to have:)
Just downloaded Oasis Fashion while writing this:)  It's funny what you can find when you google, "iPhone fashion":)
Have fun with these apps!!!!!!!!


Shela said...

Fashion and art is my profession, this app covers a latest fashion news but i have also found iWound is the best fashion and art mag along with music, videos and much more.

Jilly Moo said...

We have the Shop Lucky app and love it. You can buy a suggested item right from your phone or look up where around you it can be found in your size. So cool. Only wish it was updated more often. Otherwise, great app.

LindsayGirl said...

Have you tried Glamour Ask a Stylist? It's the best!! It's free and you get real answers from real stylists!

Anonymous said...


. said...

I agree with LindsayGirl- The Glamour Ask a Stylist app is awesome because you get a response SO fast!! All the stylists are cute and trendy too!