Thursday, July 23, 2009

Designer shoes are the choice for any wardrobe

A detail in a designer shoe can say a million words.
I still heart bows on shoes!
Love the color combo here...MJ knows how to mix things up:)
Isn't this just sexy, and perfect for work?
I love the strappy detail here and how the color of the back strap is different from the rest.

Classic---this is truly timeless...

This is a very romantic shoe.
This is darling...I love the 3 straps at the peep toe and this shoe looks comfy!
Another could keep this forever!

From Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton, I am truly in lady can deny what a good, designer shoe can do to an outfit...Plus, with the work that is put into the shoe you know it will last.  I still have Jimmy's I got when I lived in New York and that was 3 years ago...
Even though people used to say that they wouldn't wear items from "last season," I feel like designer shoes are the styles that can stand the test of time.  You can wear them out in one season and get a good life out of them...or you can do like I do with my designer shoes and save them for important occasions or when I wear something really basic to have something that is still interesting.
Also, since designer shoes are usually made of leather, you can easily take them to a cobbler or the place your purchased them to get them fixed.  I remember, I had a pair of shoes from Nordstrom that I took to have fixed from my wear and tear about two times without question.  But, even if the store or designer won't take back to fix like my Jimmy Choo's that always click when I walk when I first buy them...the cobbler always knows the tricks to keep them in working order.  I used to intern for CosmoGIRL! magazine when Atoosa Rubenstein was the editor-in-chief and I used to take her fab shoes to the cobbler all the time!!!  That's when I knew, it was a MUST!  But, remember...if there is a defective, you can get a new pair or money back if something breaks.