Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Fitness is actually my lifestyle...but, lets kick it up for the New Year:)

I don't really start anything new as far as my workout goes for the New Year...but, I just decide to continue my lifestyle of staying fit and not stressing myself out over a number.  I'd like to be in the 130's...but, I'm not killing myself to get there.  I also prefer keeping myself motivated with music, maybe new classes, and new workout gear.  Here are a few things that are motivating me right now rather than not eating or having to get to a size 0 (to each their own though:).:

Music to inspire:

I usually rock out to celeb moms like: Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Pink and Gwen Stefani.  Women I've seen gain the weight and lose it.  So, their music is not only fast paced to keep me pumped.  But, they are also people to inspire me as a mom.  For the new year, and with the $10 iTunes card that Barely There sent me (thank you guys!) I looked to Refinery 29 for some inspiration on new music to get me going.

Instagram accounts:

*My Fit Closet:
Inspires style choices at a budget.  You can tag them to share what you wear and might be reposted.  I already want some Old Navy leggings that were highlighted in a post.

*Allison Tones it Up
Real women sharing their tips on how to eat and workout tips.  LOVE it!

*Gwyneth Made Me Do It:
A really cool look at the book I still haven't read by Gwyneth and how this woman makes the journey into eating healthy via IG.

Workout gear I'm wanting:

*Old Navy animal print leggings

Old Navy Womens Plus Animal-Print Leggings

*Nike Women's Tight

*Leopard print shoe strings from Michaels to add to my sneakers

*New running shoes...still searching for the right now right now:)  Anyone have any recommendations?

*Just received a new sports bra from Barely There I can't wait to use!

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