Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's get moving with the Ford Fiesta Movement

I'm all about a car that reflects a persons style so when I heard about the opportunity to share something different Ford was doing to promote their Ford Fiesta I had to jump on it!  Who doesn't want a car with a little edge, a great price, and everything you need in this modern age since you use your car to get everywhere.

Ford is having "agents" showcase how the Ford Fiesta moves them.  Here are a few videos that catch my attention and I thought others might be interested in seeing.  What do you think of this car?  Would you rock it?  If I didn't have 3 kids that need to be in car seats and getting so much in my car I would so check this out!  Until I'm down to one car I'm just sharing:)

*Videos seem to work better in Safari on MAC's.

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