Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Friday fun at Target'

Black Friday has always been something the hubby and I have year, we got out tempur-pedic and had to give up after that because my daughter (now 3) pooed on my hubby:). Then, last year, with twins in tow we bought a HUGE internet flat screen TV.  We always have luck finding one big item at a great deal.  

I always have Target as one of my go-to places to find toys and stocking stuffers at great prices on Black Friday.  I always check out the ad to see what's worth checking out so I'm not scouring the aisles if the store is packed.  (Which, of course they will be:). I'd say if it's worth it to you; just go early and get it over with.  Get the great deal and avoid the lines:).  

I'm also about double dipping.  So, have coupons for spending $50 and above, get the cartwheel app and sign up for Target mobile coupons.  I'd also say to check for manufacturer coupons.  If you're looking for a deal you have to find it sometimes and this is the time to do it.:). Hope this helps!!:)


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