Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PLEASE HELP ME WIN and VOTE! Barely There Color Your World Contest

Skirt here is from Live Worldly, get 10% off by using code: liveworldly10

Please help me win the Barely There Color Your World Contest on facebook.  I had to submit a picture that I didn't want to use since I was out of the country.  But, here are some of the other looks I wanted to submit for the contest.

Barely There bra's are amazing for being comfortable and working with all of your looks.  I LOVE them instead of nursing bras too!

This bra represents a vintage and boho vibe from the paisley print to the silhouette.  It's easy and comfortable and the neutral color is perfect for layering with.

The bra that inspired it all:)

I really want to try their new bralette out next.  It's perfect for summer!!

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