Friday, December 07, 2012

Theme gift idea: Gifts just for the hands

Gifts for the hands

Gifts for the hands by fashionalities featuring cath kidston

These are all items that would be great paired together in one package or pair a couple of things or like I say below in a stocking stuffer style.

1.  Cath Kidston Manicure Set ASOS $25, Who doesn't need an updated set to upkeep your nails?  This is also a great stocking stuffer.
2.   Kiehls Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal $22.  I have these in my purse and at every sink.  It's all about moisturizing your hands all day.
3.  Alexander McQueen Snakeskin Knuckle-Clasp Clutch Bag $2300.  We can dream, right?:)  I love the knuckle detail.  Gives that edge to an evening clutch.
4.  FRAAS Tech Gloves, $28.  I have these and they make using your smart phone easy and stylish during the holiday season while you are out with family in the cold and wanting to take pics.
5.  Hand Reflexology Workbook $15.  Since being with my husband I've learned more about reflexology and I'm always surprised by what it does.  Dr. Oz has also been sharing tips and tricks for using reflexology.  
6.  deborah lippman nail polish, $20.  In any color is amazing!  One of my fave nail polish brands!
7.  Nail Art Pen in Fools Gold at Topshop, $14.  People are getting so creative with their nails.  This is a really fun theme gift or stocking stuffer.

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