Saturday, December 22, 2012

My new obsession: Pamela Love plus, her Nine West collab

How am I just learning about Pamela LOve!? I seem to be going through a SW meets East Indian love affair right now that just might last the rest of my life.

Pamela Love is a jewelry designer of pieces that are SW with a twist I love!! Everything she touches is genius! I'm about to do an eBay search for her jean collab with J. Crew (update* they are still on J. Crew and on SALE!  Only in a size 30...maybe call customer service to see if any stores have them.  Plus, J. Crew is having the extra 30% off sale promo!  Woohoo!)...and apparently she just did a shoe collab with Nine West that got my interest started on Instagram.

Pamela Love for Nine West


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nikkistyle™ said...

<3 Pamela Love!