Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spa Week is coming start making your appointments

Start planning your girl's day now during Spa Week!  The appointments fill up quickly.  And these discounted services are still grade A!  I know people think when you go for a discounted service you get less than amazing service. But, I've gone to a majority of the spa's that participate during Spa Week and after Spa Week and I can say that they do just as great a job during the $50 a service Spa Week!  Check out the spa's in your location participating and make sure to schedule ASAP!  My favorite so far in AZ is Dolce's facial!  They include a hair massage which is divine!  During a regular facial you can pay an extra $10 for the massage!  I say it is worth it after having what they did during my Spa Week version:)

When: Oct 15th-21st
Where: Search the locations in your state/city here.  They offer everything from local spas and salons to high end chains like the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.
Cost: ONLY $50!!!  Just remember to tip the same amount as you would for the full service.  Some locations add in the tip to the total.

PLUS there's more!  Who doesn't want to try and win a FREE spa experience!?  There are four opportunities on the Spa Week facebook page to check out.  Enter now and good luck!

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