Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mommy kicks

Mommy Kicks

It's all about being cool and comfy when you become a mom...since I've slowly traded in the 5" heels I wanted to share what I'm replacing them with.  Still fun, stylish shoes that I can easily run after my toddler with.

Replace the flip flops with Jack Rogers Navajo sandals. The epitome of boho chic that anyone from a sorority sister to a grandmother are rocking.  So you know they are comfy!

Worishofer sandals sold at stores like Urban Outfitters and Madewell so it makes me overlook the fact that these are made for older women with feet problems:)

Avarcas are perfect for the family!  I have a pair and they get better while worn I'll be getting a pair for each of the kids and the hubby!

Marais has the cutest low-heel on trend shoes!  I bought a few pairs from the Summer sale at Urban Outfitters...they are mainly sold out there now...but, there are still a few out there here and here.

Saltwater sandals are cute because you can wear them with your kids!  I LOVE that!
The hidden wedge sneaker is the perfect sneaker for the moms who thought they'd NEVER be caught wearing sneakers besides to workout!  There ar so many options out there right now.  I just found this option at Express for ONLY $60!
What shoes are you rocking fellow fashionista moms?

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